4 days phone less

due to my phone breaking, i was phone less for the last 4 days
in california, needless to say the cali post will be a little delayed
seeing as how i cannot get any of my pictures off of my old phone
at the moment. boo technology.
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try again

it's really sad to me that two things i enjoy doing i can never keep up on.
1. blogging
2. writing in my journal
so here we go again, with another attempt at the blogging world. as strange as it may sound, this attempt is all thanks to a friend. after telling her some unique experiences that I've had recently in the singles realm she said, "I swear if you had a blog it'd be a HIT!".
I don't really expect that to happen, but maybe a few of you might enjoy my random life stories. and heck, once i get started, send me yours - I'm sure I won't have enough to keep this thing going by myself!
and you'll probably have to excuse my lack of post over the next week because I'm hitting the beach! and there will be pictures to come!
for now, start thinking about all your crazy date stories. best date. worst date. etc & send em to me!

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i thought i was going to get better
at this whole blogging thing again,
apparently i was wrong.

here's my life since the last post..
walker is home.
jordan is home.
jake is home.

i have hardly seen any of them :/

but it's almost christmas! & that's
exciting right?! i can't wait!

and i've become addicted to pintrest.
i don't know how to use it yet,
but i just spend hours on there looking
at pictures. right now this is my
favorite one:

isn't it so fantastic?!
i know a ton of people have already
seen it but i love it nonetheless!


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2 years already!!!


i CANNOT believe its been 2 years
and a few days since i originally posted
these pictures.

but i am SO happy
to say it has been! in about an hour from
now (currently 10:40) my BEST FRIEND
will be landing back in arizona after a
LONG two years in maryland! i am
soooo excited! and HOPEFULLY i will be
posting some "reunion" pictures soon!
6:30 cannot come any sooner.

xo abby

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life is still good.
in fact its gotten even better.
i got LASIK on saturday oct. 8th!
and despite a few "eye bruises"
things are PERFECT! I CAN SEE!!!
i was sitting at the desert schools
bank inside walmart yesterday,
turned around and was AMAZED by the
distance i could read! i was
reading signs that before i would
not have EVER been able to read!
it was awesome!

here's one picture!

good thing, i cant even feel 'em!
it was definitely worth the money!

other than that, i am still in school.
it's going really well! i should find
out in about a month where i will be
doing my clinicals- i am SO excited!

also. I QUIT PRIMARY. i am making the
move to singles ward! im excited and
nervous all at the same time! but i am
ready for this!

i am also sporting pink hair extenstions!
12dollars at tantum hair salon! if you
have questions look at this < blog <                                                               (click on the word BLOG)                                                                                           they are way cute! take a look:

(sorry no make up still, rules of eye surgery!)

and last but not least, i am SOOOO
on the count down for the return of
my missionary friends!

walker waldie- COMES HOME TOMORROW!
jordan banner- nov. 4 : 22 days!
jake shreeve- nov. 22 : 41 days!

i CANNOT believe its been 2 years!

xoxo abby

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so im sure you could tell i
gave up on blogging about
the bachelorette. it was a

so here's an update on my life since i
haven't posted a personal blog in some
time now:

life has been CRAZY.
lately, ive been spending a lot of
time with this guy:

and its been the time
of my life. you have NO idea
how good it has been to catch
up with him, and more or less
pick up right were we left
off in high school.

also, ive been in school.
4 months down
just 20 more to go.
luckily, only 4 months of that
is a LOT of book work. come
january i will be working in
the hospitals. and i am NERVOUS
but SO excited!

im still teaching primary.
i love my kids with all my
heart. they are so sweet. BUT
i think im ready to take a
break from kids for a while.
im CONSIDERING singles yard come
january. we will see how this
goes! im once again nervous,
but excited!

and in less than 80 days
ALLLLLLL my missionary friends
will be home. who is excited?!
see them all! its going to be
so nice to see them all again!

over all life is good. im a
pretty happy girl!

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Hong kong

-whats with the crowd fast forward while ashley stands still?!

-Why is she so in love with bentley??

-why does she always tell chris he's scaring her?

-Just knowing hes there makes her cry. Why?

-How has she not figured out that its not real for him?

-Her shirt needs to be tucked in better

-staring at the room number is going to do so much for you

-shes excited about the potential? He left her!!!

-this is awkward cause he totally knows shes outside the door

-he really asked who it was?!


-are you okay, aka you look diseased with these bug bites

-yes they do know how hard it was they saw it

-if you date all these other boys and dont like em come
find me in a few months and see whats up...SYKE

-hes probably like omg shes retarded she LOVES me

-he FINALLY told her peace.

-omg she is starting to realize hes a BAD WORD


-he wanted to try to make her cry again

-she is pissed he flew to hong kong but would
have been 234834234x more pissed had he called!


-okay she got closure and STILL talks about him!

-was that a tag on that white shirt??

-cream shirt and white pants. Not diggin it

-that was the most SHOCKED no about NY

-her dates are all so boring!

-man hes a late bloomer for the kissing scene

-so many of these guys are divorcees

-they NEVER think they are similar to the other people there


-oh that meat on her plate looks delicious!

-lucas asked, KNOWING she'd be okay with it. I think
that was sweet he didnt just attack her face!

-so it was a commercial, but can I just say I am SOOO
excited that they are making a winnie the pooh movie!!!

-smart and interrupter

-mickey and ames got lucky

-ryan and blake together thats funny

-i dont understand this date shes not even with them

-chanting idiot thats awesome

-cuuuute engaged on the beach

-they all think she seems happier thats a sign

-that was an aggressive first kiss by ames

-they seem to like kissing one another

-awe ben f is falling.. sweet

-hes begging for a one on one??

-shes giving ryan ANOTHER rose on the
group date?


-i LOVE jp.

-id be scared to to tell him about the bentley garbage too

-she is SO nervous

-why does she wear a black bra with sheer white shirts?

-he handled it well. Good for him.

-i hate that she says ferwerd

-of course he got the rose. LOVE HIM

-thats a cool instrument

-she probably didnt know either, the show told her


-i finally really like one of her dresses!!

-i was excited about these guys being mean because
of bentley because I THOUGHT he was coming back
BUT shes being honest and told them hes GONE so
they needed to be a little happier about that

-im glad JP stood up for her. Thats why he should win

-ryan stood up for her too good for him!

-they didnt go on a date so he didnt get a one on one
stupid little effers.

-lucas is mean about this

-okay youre not playing second field hes gone


-wow blake is being a brat to her face. Not the
way to get a one on one with her

-make her cry and then tell her to hug you...

-i am not fan of how these BOYS are acting

-i hope all these little babies just quit

-im glad she told mickey to quit not to make her
kick him off

-why is ryan smiling as she walks away crying

-i love how now all of a sudden youre a bad
person to quit seeing that she feels bad BUT 2
seconds ago they basically ALL wanted to quit

-yes omg she kept ames I was nervous!

-taiwan... cool!

I HOPE we can stop hearing about bentley soon!!!!

wtf who comes back?!!

I cant tell who it is standing there holing her hands
at the end...


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